Project management with
It works, it's easy, and it will get your team hooked

Why Mindiply is different

One-click updates from everyone
AI-powered warnings of blocks
Smart system for laser-cut focus
See people's times at a glance

Detect Obstacles Early

Detect risks and areas demanding attention before it's too late & never miss a deadline.

Stop People Shortages

Get real time team availability by having a clear view of peoples' times and schedules.

Create Beautiful Timelines

Create and share beautiful timelines fast to stay on the same page with everyone.

Track Progress Smartly

Integrate your timeline & Trello to understand how small changes affect your greater plan.

What's behind

Smart Gantt charts: the secret pm weapon

This modern way of presenting your project will make it easy for everyone to get what’s to be done and by when.

The Hidden Benefits of Timeline Project Management

One of the key benefits of implementing project management timelines within your project is the visualisation of time.

Timeline charts and mental timelines

Timelines are so effective because they mimic our natural way of representing numbers and quantities.

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